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Hey there! Welcome to Laplace, a quiet, liminal city that feels strangely cozy and familiar.
Take a stroll through any of our pages, or pick up a refreshment at the local convenience shop.

This is a place where I can dump most of my character art and share more details about them,
so I like to think of this as a sort of "personal portfolio" of sorts (where I can have a little fun too).

Please enjoy all of the oddities this little city has to offer. I hope that your visit is a pleasant one!

DISCLAIMER: This site is not fully responsive, so things might look a little strange on mobile devices.
You should still be able to see everything though!


Update Log

03-29-2023: Updated "Game Shelf" on "Cover Flow" page. Added an entry for HOTEL DUSK: Room 215.

02-24-2023: Updated "Cover Flow" page. Also, I got new domain, so that's pretty neat!

02-14-2023: Updated "About Me" page with a survey and "Cover Flow" with a page for 1 A.M. Study Session. Also, new "Neighbors" have moved in, so go check them out!

02-03-2023: Updated "Gallery" and "About Them" pages.

01-22-2023: Updated "Index", "Gallery", and "Cover Flow" pages.

01-04-2023: New neighbors have moved in, so go check them out!

12-31-2022: Updated "Gallery" page for easier viewing. Happy New Year :D

12-21-2022: Updated "About Them" and "Gallery" pages. Updated "Cover Flow" page with a page for DISCO. Happy Holidays!

11-29-2022: Updated "Index" and "Gallery" pages, reformatted "About Me" page, and added "Corner Store" page.

11-20-2022: Updated "Character Pages" to include more detailed information.

11-13-2022: Added "Commission Box" section to "Muses" page; more art is in the "Gallery" too!

11-04-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Trevor

10-23-2022: Added art to "Gallery" page; added Vaporwave Central to "Cover Flow" page

10-04-2022: Updated "Cover Flow" with a page for 1991

10-02-2022: Spruced up "Index" page, added new art to the "Gallery" page, and reformatted "character bio" pages for easier viewing

09-27-2022: Added KP Radio widget (much love to KingPoss :D) to have some phenominal music from indie artists (learn more by visiting his site!). Also, new neighbors have moved in, so go check them out!

09-08-2022: Updated "Gallery" page; added some new drawings

08-30-2022: Updated "About Me" page; added link to Myers/Briggs personality test

08-23-2022: Added internet bumper stickers and adopt-a-censorship panda

08-21-2022: Navigation bar added for ease of access; added visitor counter

08-20-2022: Minor tweaks to index page and added new buttons; updated "Cover Flow" with a page for The Body Never Lies

08-14-2022: Added to JAUP membership list

08-13-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Noah, Connor, and Dylan

08-07-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Luke; new "Neighbors" have moved in, so go check them out!

08-06-2022: Updated "Character Page" for Tanner

08-05-2022: Added code for "Laplace" button; new "Neighbors" have moved in, so go check them out!

08-04-2022: Added "null webring"; Updated "Cover Flow" page, "Character page" for Dylan, and "Guestbook" page.

08-02-2022: Added update log; updated "About Me" page and Yesterweb webring.

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