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Here are some commissioned pieces of art from some wonderful artists that I wanted to share!

(I already told you this page had NSFW content on it, so be prepare to see some peen XD)


This is a rendition of the backpacker trainer from Pokemon X/Y. I've always been a Digimon kid myself, but I still thought this dude looked hot lol. I think this was my first commission ever actually!

As you might have recognized, this is Connor, my OC. I always imagined him as being one of the more hypersexual guys in the group, so I was very pleased with the way this one came out!


This is one of my oldest OCs (I'm talking like, 6th grade me) that I 've made. Originally, I made Takuya because my friends in school would make up characters to roleplay with during recess or after school. Takuya is closer to an actual representation of me (read: better version of me), but he still has his own little quirks that make him his own person.

This was an adoptable from the now retired artist, Himbosketch. I really enjoyed his art style; he made beefy himbos that looked both absolutely adorable and incredibly sexy. I consider myself lucky to have gotten both this adoptable and the previous commission before he decided to shut everything down. I'm still bummed that he decied to retire, but his work is something that I will always cherish.