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Trevor  Age: 5 (20) (?) 08/29 (Virgo)

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Trevor is… well… Trevor. His personality eludes most. He appears to be quite selfish and bratty, which in part is because of his age. The Trevor we know today has been with the boys only for about 5 years or so. Despite his childish temperament, he has learned much from his brothers, and is becoming more aware of how his actions impact those around him.

Trevor, being the youngest of the bunch, was understandably perceived as the most naive. He often enjoyed playing by himself, but often found it difficult to engage in social behaviors with others his age. He hardly even connected much with his family, other than the obligatory customs of a typical nuclear family. His connections to other people were merely superficial. “I’m only nice to them because I’m supposed to,” he mentions.

He never struggled academically, however his social skills left much to be desired. Trevor never seemed to understand why he had so much trouble “being connected” to people his own age. It’s not that he didn’t want to be friends with other people, it felt to him like he couldn’t. This frustration usually leads to him becoming upset, and ultimately, shying away from unfamiliar people in general. Even out of all his brothers, the only one he felt a true kinship towards was Chase. Perhaps they had more in common with each other? The specifics of their bond are unknown, but they seemed to just “get”one another.

Noticing this change in demeanor, his teachers mentioned their concerns to his parents and, heeding their advice, took him to see a clinical psychologist. Though his conversation with the psychologist was like pulling teeth, eventually Trevor muttered the question,

“…Am I different from everybody else? Is that why I’m here?”

After that inquiry, Trevor visited the clinic a couple more times over the course of a few weeks. A short while after, he was diagnosed with Level 1 ASD. This was great for his parents, who finally had a better idea of how to support their son, but for Trevor, this news was disheartening. His worst suspicions came true: there was something “wrong” with him.

For weeks, he sobbed and wept over the affairs of his sorry state, falling further and further into a depressive lull. He began to lose all hope of being a “normal person.” Any attempt by his brothers to console him was futile; he would never be like the rest of them, so he interpreted any contact from them to be pitiful in nature. Unfortunately, Trevor couldn’t see that his perception was far from the truth. This cease of communication hurt everyone involved, but Chase seemed to take it more personally compared to everyone else.

Regressing further into his own mind, he began to fall into one of the plethora of internet rabbit holes of shady self-help and questionable forum pages full of misdiagnoses and malpractices. He stumbled onto a page that claims to help “survivors of Autism to live happy, healthy, normal lives.” Normal. An unassuming word to most, but to Trevor’s with his depleted self-worth and desperation for miracle cure-all, decided to reach out to this seemingly wonderful organization that had the solution to his problem. A questionnaire here, and a few IM chats there, and it seemed like he was on his way to “recovery.” They told him to meet them in the local park the following day.

He decided to rendezvous with the strangers from the internet the next day. They greeted him and told him about all of the wonderful work they had been doing for people suffering from Autism, all the while leading him further down the street and through some back roads. Once they were out of sight, he smelled something funny. He began to feel sleepy and his eyelids drooped until he fell into a deep slumber. That was the last time anyone had seen Trevor as we knew him before.

Not much is known about the mysterious group who abducted Trevor, nor what they did to him. What they did know is that after a heart-wrenching 48 hours, the police sent out a search party and found a young teenager who matched their description within a few miles of the park where he was last seen. His family rushed over to reunite with their lost son, but when they embraced him, things didn’t feel right. It’s as if he had lost all memories of everyone he ever knew. Trevor wasn’t really there anymore.

Baffled by his apparent amnesia, and without much help from the doctors who shared that same sentiment, Trevor’s family had to essentially start over with raising him. He was as helpless as a newborn baby. He had to relearn walking, talking, even using the bathroom. Luckily, these skills didn’t take nearly as long to recover, but he still had a lot of ground to cover. Over time, Chase took over more and more of the responsibilities of being his caregiver, not only because his parents were often busy with work, but he felt like he had to get his old brother back. Though the relationship began as mostly one-sided, Trevor began to develop a fondness for Chase, akin to their previous relationship.

Trevor, although doesn’t look it, thinks and acts like a child, hardly concerning himself with his own appearance. Chase tries his best, but there’s only so much you can do for a child who refuses to manage his own hair. He has, however, gotten to the point where he is beginning to care about what other people think of him, and is fine-tuning his overall behavior because of this. Though he has only existed in this state for about 5 years, he is maturing at an exponential rate and is expected to be fully “caught up” in due time, not too far behind his brothers. The experiences he will share with those who love and support him will prove invaluable to him in his continued development into adulthood.

His Abilities

Trevor practices Sorcery, and his power is the most abstract. Balance magic is a true neutral; its primary purpose is to allow all types of magic to coexist in the same place at the same time. It wouldn't exist without the presence of other magics, so it seems relatively insignificant. But what Trevor represents is not simple neutrality: he is possibility. Balance focuses on potential; what could or might be. Trevor can see a plethora of possibilities, and though he cannot directly realize the outcome, he can at least provide insight as to what an optimal course of action might be. He can even suspend time to share his power with others, albeit not indefinitely. By doing this, Trevor can unify people into a synchronized and cohesive force. On an individual level, he can harness the energy of the astral plane, but his true strength comes from drawing upon the powers of his brothers to temporarily enhance his own abilities.

Trevor fights using the Luzu Style - a style of archery that allows for frequent strikes by shooting multiple arrows at a time. Since he focuses more on long-range combat, this allows him to take a more supportive approach when fighting.

Trevor's presence also seems to have an effect on the innate frequencies of humans, allowing them to harmonize with each other and helps to elevate their own abilities beyond each of their individual capabilities. Trevor’s Balance magic is quite enigmatic; it’s both relatively abstract yet unimaginably powerful at the same time.

Theme of the Sorcerer

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