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Noah  Age: 22  10/15 (Libra)

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Noah is a suave and elegant young man who tends to enjoy the finer things in life. His unique brand of unassuming glamour oozes out through his cool personality and fashion sense. He loves to maintain his appearance through the (over)use of “self-care”, and you can often find him encouraging his brothers to do the same. He is the older twin of Dylan, yet he has never once tried to hold it over him.

In his early teenage years Noah loved to sing and dance, and inspired by his vocal idols Mariah Carey and Ebony Jenkins, among others, belted out strong, yet piercing vocals, often to the dismay of anyone within earshot. However, after a couple of weeks feeling the creative flow, he would suddenly fall silent; you wouldn’t hear anything more than a faint mumble roll past his lips, that is whenever he was actually required to speak. Though his father showed some concern about the sudden ups and downs, his mother was quite relieved to finally have some peace and quiet from that “wannabe songster.” Things would usually go like this between them.

It wasn’t until he was a few years older that things changed. Dylan had walked into the bathroom not realizing that Noah was still sitting in the tub. Noah had just been humming a tune not a few minutes before so Dylan assumed it to be empty. Embarrassment quickly turned into panic however, as Dylan noticed the crimson hue of the water his twin bathed himself with. Not long after that, Noah was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder.

Today, Noah continues to fine-tune his vocals, not necessarily for some big break, but simply to pay homage to some of the more influential icons that he admires. Dylan seems to be his biggest fan, as he is often the one “encouraging” (i.e. pestering) him to start a soundcloud. Despite this, they still greatly enjoy each other’s company; they even took up working out together as a way to support Noah’s mental well-being. Considering the fact that they’re twins, it comes as no surprise that he is quite close with Dylan. He is the only one who can quickly identify when Noah slips into his inevitable lows and is probably the only one who knows about the more morbid details about his condition. They advise, console and support each other, and are always ready to stick up for one another, no questions asked.

Noah is usually seen donning his signature furs and designer frames. He doesn't actually need a prescription, but he insists that they “serve c-nt.” He tries his best to steer his brothers in the right direction when it comes to fashion, but he simply can’t convince Trevor to drop the “redneck flannel.” He tends to be quite sharp when delivering jabs of the tongue so unsurprisingly, his “sailor mouth” has gotten him a number of write-ups from offended administrators in the earlier years of his life; however, their disapproving looks only served to help him perfect his iconic icy stare.

His Abilities

Noah practices Thaumaturgy, which is his own version of Cryomancy that merges science and magic together into a beautiful and deadly practice. Though he doesn’t like to show it much, he is incredibly intelligent, taking a serious interest in cryogenics. Ice magic is considered to be a weaker magic by many (when considered offensively), and with Noah being Noah, he took it personally. With that, he decided to use his vast knowledge of Cryomancy and his deep interest in cryogenics to push the boundaries of Ice magic to its limits. He did that, and in doing so, created a completely unique approach to the practice, i.e. Thaumaturgy. He can create temperatures so low that they burn enemies beyond recognition. He especially likes being able to play with the rate of freezing too, drawing out the agonizing process if he’s feeling particularly moody. The less Noah can feel, the colder he can become. He can manage creating temperatures that drop to absolute zero by completely detaching from all emotion, but he must rely on Dylan being by his side to rekindle his feelings before mutilating himself.

Noah fights using the Albert Style - a sword fighting style that doesn’t utilize a shield. This style emphasizes using fewer, more powerful strikes to defeat opponents.

Always known as a winter enthusiast, Noah naturally showed signs of proficiency with the art of Thaumaturgy. By synthesizing his knowledge of both the scientific and magical properties of ice, Noah gained an understanding of it like no other, utilizing a unique Thaumaturgic approach that scaffolds the art beyond its limits.

Theme of the Thaumaturge

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