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Connor  Age: 23  1/1(?) (Capricorn)

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Connor is a man with a very understated personality. He tends to be identified as part of the “alternative” crowd, but saying that only offends him as he is not one for labels. He tends to keep a level head, but often likes to tease others with his quick wits. This provides a very convenient front to mask his masochistic tendencies.

Connor is unique in the sense that he is not biologically related to the rest of his brothers. He is a demi-fiend, being the reincarnation of the demon Typhon after he decided to walk the path of freedom from the stifling duality of “good” and ”evil”. Since his father was a storm titan, Connor had a natural affinity with storm magic, but often struggles with his demonic heritage and figuring out what that means to him. His knowledge is sporadic, remembering small moments of not only his own past, but his past life as his father. He often cannot discern between what he actually experienced and dreams or memories of a forgotten existence. To avoid struggling with the mental anguish, he tends to avoid thinking about his past and tries to live in the present. However, he is acutely claustrophobic, and whenever triggered, he suffers from mental breakdowns (stemming from his father’s eternal imprisonment) which leaves him utterly debilitated for a few hours, so he will always opt to take the stairs, no matter how high up he needs to go.

Growing up in the orphanarium, he, along with most of the other children, were not cared for beyond being given meager food, dilapidated shelter, and hand-me-down clothes. A lovely, yet mysterious old woman known to the children as “Auntie Rosie” would visit the shelter every now and then to bring them some sweets. Connor always looked forward to her arrival; every lollipop she gave him was a pure delight for him. Though his existence was often dreary, he always felt loved whenever Auntie Rosie came to town. She was the one to give him the courage to live on, and the hope to know that he was worthy of love and a family. (Auntie Rosie never truly existed, as she was only a projection of the soul of Echidna, Typhon’s late wife. She took a vow to her husband, and by extension Connor, so she always watches over him to see that no true harm ever comes his way.)

Though he cannot fully explain to someone where exactly he came from (let alone to himself), as a child he found companionship with Luke, as neither of them enjoyed talking about their home lives. Since he technically didn’t have any parents, Connor lived in an orphanarium in a dull and dreary room with five other children sharing all of two beds. Both boys, though not overly talkative, enjoyed each other’s company as they engaged in parallel play as toddlers and read books from the lending library together in grade school. As they got older and got to know more about each other’s lives, Luke eventually got his parents to agree to adopting Connor, allowing their bond to strengthen and deepen to the point where they considered each other blood.

Connor is unapologetically retro, maintaining a surprisingly handsome mullet, a varsity jacket (from playing baseball in high school), and a never-ending supply of lollipops, always sucking on one and chewing on the stick afterward. He is also surprisingly fashion-forward, connecting with Noah over their similar tastes in clothes. Though he enjoys toying with people, he never usually means any real harm and does what he can to help others, albeit not always in the most effective or efficient way. Part of this was influenced by his father’s change of heart and his desire to transcend his demonic dispositions, but he will never do something not of his own volition.

His Abilities

Connor practices Divination, controlling the atmosphere itself to unleash storms like none have seen before. He inherited this power from his demonic father, which allows him to summon all sorts of violent precipitation and conduct lethal amounts of electricity through himself to redirect at his enemies. He taps into the various geosystems of the earth to draw power from. Manipulating fronts, atmospheric pressure, and a slew of other variables lets him bend the mostly unpredictable power of Storm magic to his will. Though his power rivals those of a god, Connor, himself, is not a god. Sometimes he forgets this fact and pushes himself far beyond what he is capable of controlling. When he overloads himself, he can only last a few minutes before shorting out and becoming temporarily powerless. However, as he discovers more about himself and his past, he becomes more and more proficient at handling his magic. Connor can also assume a more demonic form that increases his strength and agility exponentially. Though it takes a considerable amount of effort to maintain, the more he grows, the easier it becomes for him to stay in it.

Connor fights using the Amada Style - a style that specializes in ranged combat. He can also conduct electricity through his trident, using it to amplify his power.

Not long after moving in with Luke and his family, Connor began to develop his magical abilities that dwelled deep inside him. With the support of his newfound family, he started to uncover some of the secrets of his previous life and discovered his uncanny talent for manipulating storm magic. As he slowly gained control of his newfound powers, his capacity for divination grew far beyond the limits once imagined, drawing on the innate power of the earth and its geosystems to increase his power exponentially.

Theme of the Diviner

Theme of the Demon Spawn

Theme of the God-Defying Titan

“So these are the people you have chosen to walk with you along the path of freedom. Heh, such an interesting bunch. They are strong, filled with conviction to live by their own truths, no matter the strife or the struggle. Though they endured many hardships, they managed to channel their own pain into a source of strength. Each tribulation they faced, instead of disheartening them, became an opportunity for growth. Their ability to create bonds of solidarity through trauma is extraordinary. Rather than finding a place to belong, they simply create their own place to belong; it’s so simple, yet so powerful. I’m surprised to see that humans are indeed capable of such feats.

It seems that you have chosen wisely, Connor. And your family has chosen wisely as well. Your bonds with them will be your guide, and shall always be a source of your strength. Never again will you walk this path alone. Now stand, my child, and live your freedom with no doubt in your heart!”

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