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Chase  Age: 21  5/31 (Gemini)

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Chase is an honest and sensitive guy who sees the world through slightly different eyes than everyone else (both figuratively and literally). He’s typically in his own little world, but still manages to stay grounded with everyone else. Being unusually paternal, he is the guardian of Trevor, who lost his memories 5 years ago. The two of them have a strange symbiotic relationship, and they have grown close because of this.

Chase is the one who doesn’t want to “rock the boat” so to speak. He is quite reserved and typically goes along with everyone else, not really speaking up for himself if something bothers or inconveniences him. This made him well-liked by the people around him, but typically resulted in him always conceding to others, struggling to speak for himself. This, compounded with his social anxiety, left him as the timid, submissive kid who would just go along with anything, little to no questions asked. Nothing notable ever happened, other than the slow weathering of his will and volition. But eventually, he had enough; and he didn’t even realize it.

As he got older, Chase began to disassociate from his peers, and things got better for him as he drifted off into his own little world. Things were easier there; no one to bother or persuade him. When he stopped paying attention to other people, they didn’t seem so bad anymore. Though this helped him avoid being influenced by others, he didn’t have any way to control his own thoughts; he had never needed to think about much else until then, so he lacked a sense of self-regulation. But this didn’t bother him much because he didn’t perceive it as an issue. When he turned his mind off, it was just him and his imagination in a peacefully liminal world.

But even though Chase’s thoughts (or lack thereof) may have been his reality, that dispositional change didn’t apply to the reality of those around him. This proved equally beneficial and harmful to him, as oftentimes he wouldn’t be able to grasp the gravity of the situation he was in. The worst example of this was when he became mesmerized by the water droplets cascading from the shower head. Unfortunately, he didn’t perceive the rising temperature of the water, and after about 20 minutes of cooking his right eyeball in scalding hot water, he ended up losing about 80% percent of his vision in it.

After the incident, a paradigm shift happened within him. Perhaps it was the wake-up call from his siblings or simply the sensation of the morphine still coursing through his veins, but when his parents were talking with the doctor about potentially replacing his eye, he finally blurted out a resounding,


That was the first time he felt strongly about something and had the courage to share how he felt. Even though he was legally blind in one eye, he felt like he could truly see the world again; he had finally realized his potential.

With his newfound courage, Chase decided to pick up skateboarding as a hobby. He had always admired it; the cool demeanor of the skaters, the grunge aesthetic, and their free-spirited nature. They were his antithesis. Although he busted his ass on the cold, hard asphalt many times as a newbie, he grew more accustomed to boarding, becoming quite adept at it.

Chase wears clothes that compliment his free-skater style. He usually has baggy overalls (hemmed down to just shorts), with long sleeves being a staple in his wardrobe. He generally likes to keep his legs free, just in case he ever feels like shredding. He could usually get Trevor to skateboard around with him, which is how they initially bonded, but after Trevor’s incident, Chase has been having a hard time getting him to do much of anything they used to do together. Though the rest of his brothers treat Trevor as the new person that he is, Chase still has a more difficult time remembering that fact; he understands the logic of it, but subconsciously, he feels like the “old Trevor” is still in there and desperately longs for him to come back.

His Abilities

Chase practices Theurgy, helping to create life where it didn't exist before. Life magic is based on the principle that nothing in life is stagnant; everything is constantly growing and changing. No one entity can bind another to its own will because it would violate the sole tenement of its own existence. Being aware of this fact, Chase can harness both the tranquil and chaotic aspects of Life magic, not by exerting his force on something that already exists, but by drawing upon himself to create something new. However, since the meaning of life is subjective, rather than objective, this means that Chase’s interpretation is but one of many. Life is unpredictable, so even though Chase has a very strong will, there are things that are beyond even his control. He knows to expect the unexpected, and has learned to take things as they come. By doing this, he is able to maintain the harmony between order and chaos; realizing the myriad potentials of Life.

Chase fights using the Azam Style - an acrobatic style that relies on quick and nimble movement. Effective use of his ribbon is key to this approach.

His overall kind nature and developing free spirit made Chase attuned to Theurgy. His desire to find peace and sustainability within himself drives his study of Life magic. By realizing that no singular force can have true control over anything but itself, he draws on his own life essence to create life where it didn't exist before, pushing the Theurgic arts to its limits.

Theme of the (alpha) Theurgist

Theme of the (omega) Theurgist

Healing Capabilities

Chase has two “modes,” so to speak, when fighting. His default alpha mode focuses on offense and damage output. However, Chase’s fluency with Life magic gives him the unique ability to heal both himself and others. He can switch to a more defensive approach, also known as omega mode, that allows him to serve a more supportive role, accessing the healing properties of life magic, at the expense of his offensive capabilities. These regenerative properties come from two very different sources: self-restoration techniques draw from his own intrinsic will to live, while healing others depends on him sharing the remaining lifeforce he has. Luckily, the outgoing healing rate is more gracious than a simple 1:1 ratio, though proper management of his own health as well as the health of others is still key to survival.

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