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The Body Never Lies - Krewella - 2022

Favorite Songs: Traces, In The Water, War Forever, You Don't Even Have To Try

As a kid, most of my music repertoire came from listening to the Top 40’s stations on the radio. Nowadays, I don't listen to the radio much, lest I be subjected to “today’s top (read: mediocre) hits from your favorite artists!” But back then, I didn't really know better. But I still liked listening to the songs of the late 2000s and early 2010s, and in particular, I ended up really liking one of Krerwella’s songs, Alive. Ever since then, I have always kept them on my musical radar.

Krewella were the ones that truly introduced me to the wonderful world of electronica. Of course I also ended up listening to more mainstream artists like David Guetta, Zedd, Avicii, and the like, but I found that Krewella would always remain in my playlists; they never got old to me. My favorite aunt used to poke fun at me for being the one who likes the “untz-untz” kind of music (though her choices in music were also a bit unorthodox; being a fan of rock and indie music wasn't exactly popular, especially in a predominantly black family). Even though many others didn't really understand the appeal, as long as I enjoyed it, nothing else mattered.

I have always admired (and perhaps identified with) Krewella because of the hurdles they faced in an industry dominated primarily by white men. I think that their unique perspectives reflect in their approach to creating music, and often result in something that is powerful and creative, yet identifiable as their own. This album, when it came out, quickly became one of my personal favorites, exploring themes of existential thought, self-realization, and the process of moving on with one’s life (at least, that’s my interpretation of it).

Starting off with the intro ashes to ashes, dust to dust, it then leads into Traces, No Control, and In The Water, which all feel like allegories for my own life (at the moment). War Forever, You Don't Even Have To Try, and Never Been Hurt, are also great songs that explore the breadth of their talents. The album ends off on an honest note and signifies the process of self-reflection with the songs Drive Away, 6 Feet, and I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling. The album left me with a sense of courage; being courageous enough to take a good look at myself and the life I lived, and to use those experiences to help shape my future in a way I see fit.

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