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DISCO - Kylie Minogue - 2020

Favorite Tracks: Miss a Thing, I Love It, Dance Floor Darling, Where Does The DJ Go?

DISCO was probably one of the only good things to come out of the year 2020. I remember laying in my bed in the midst of lockdown lethargy and pandemic-induced pessimism feeling empty. Scrolling through my newly-acquired Youtube Music subscription (because I had been watching a lot of Youtube at that point, so why bother with the ads?) I stumbled upon a new album by a familiar name, Kylie Minogue. I had known about the song Can’t Get You Out of My Head but I wasn’t very familiar with much of her other work. But I figured that if she could create a banger like that, her new album should be good too. Once I pressed play, I knew I was wrong. Her album wasn’t good at all. It was utterly enchanting.

Drawing from the height of the Disco Era of the 70’s and incorporating her unique brand of dance-pop, Kylie Minogue managed to capture the essence of the Disco movement, and reinvigorate it for a new generation to enjoy. Some of my favorite tracks, Miss a Thing, I Love It, Dance Floor Darling really focus on being kind to and enjoying yourself and others, which is something that I strive to fully achieve. Also, they’re really catchy :D

DISCO took me to a place where there are no worries. You can dance to your heart’s content throughout the everlasting night, without a care in the world. And in the middle of a pandemic, everybody was looking for any type of reprieve from the monotony of it all. For me, DISCO represented what I longed for: a way to enjoy life once again. With its central themes of love and celebration, it’s a breath of fresh air in the sea of today’s mediocre pop music.

DISCO represents a love and appreciation of the past while also encouraging people to enjoy the present and experience the magic of being in the moment. No matter how many times I listen to this album, it still shines with the same brilliant luster that has no other duty but to make me smile. DISCO is truly something special; listening to it always reminds me that the only way to move forward is to fully experience the present.

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